Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sample Bridal Shower Invites

My wonderful future sister-in-law and future mother-in-law have offered to throw me a bridal shower. It is going to be a tea party complete with hats, finger sandwiches, and antique china courtesy of Matt's maternal great-grandmother. I am so honored that Nancy, Matt's mom, has offered to let us use her grandmother's china for my bridal shower!

I can't not help Lori with the shower. I think it's my OCD, or maybe my love of crafting, but I stumbled across this cute DIY Painted Card with a FREE printable! It's the cutest thing ever- its a card with three teacups on the front and you paint them with tea! That's right, tea! Any type of tea, really.

So I made three sample cards: one painted with tea, one with regular water colors, and one colored in with colored pencils.

Aren't they just so cute!? I then just put together a little invitation on the back with the computer and printed it out.

I was playing around with them and on the water color and tea color ones I outlined the teacups with colored pencils. I like how this gives it a straight, clean edge. What I don't like is how I traced over the boarder with colored pencil, it looks horrible. When I make the real ones, I will leave the border alone! ;)

I think with some practice, one of those fancy paper cutters that cut a straight line, and new ink for the printer (we're almost out) we will have some quality home-made invites- the best kind! :)

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