Monday, July 18, 2011

Dress Shopping Take Two

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Mary's Bridal in Annapolis and tried on SO many dresses. There was one I tried on that was so "me." We weren't allowed to take pictures, so I will have to describe it the best I can. It is a strapless "A-Line" dress that falls to the floor with a very small train. The whole thing is actual lace that is a more creamy white. There is a satin-like champagne colored sash across the middle that is wide on the right side and sinches in on the left which creates a kind of "rouching." The zipper is on the left side with rhinestone buttons all the way down the zipper. It is so classic and timeless but also has the vintage feel we are going for. It is very form-fitting and shows off my figure, which I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving! And the best part is, I think I may wear vintage cow-girl boots with it ;)

The experience at this boutique was very interesting, to say the least. When we walked in the owner, Mary, greeted us and seated us back in the corner of the shop. She asked me if this was the first place I've visited to try on dresses, so of course I told her about J. Crew & how I love the Principessa (color, fabric, cut, etc.) She started pretty much bashing J. Crew & the dress! Saying you have to wear extra "skirts" under the Principessa, which adds about 15 lbs to it. Mary asked if I had a picture of the Principessa on me and I told her I had my camera with me just in case. I showed her the picture and right when she gave it back she snapped at me that I can't use my camera here because most of the gowns are her "creations" and she has copyrights on all of them. She said something like, "It has taken me 30 years to build this up to be my life." Haha! I never even asked if I could take pictures!

Well, she didn't listen to a thing I said and had the consultant I was working with, Christina, bring me a bright white, skin tight, kind of mermaid-like wedding dress with the type of straps I actually went out of my way to say I didn't care for. But I thought, "What the heck, I'll try it on because you never know!" So Christina took me into a dressing room and had me take off all my clothes (except underwear) and put on a robe. Well I had just gotten my shirt off and Mary knocks on the door then just barges in to tell me everything the consultant had just told me. Hahaha! I was so shocked! And as she's telling me, I'm standing there half naked and she goes, "I'm not looking at you." It was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had.

So I tried the Flamenco dress on and it was very pretty- I felt like Marilyn Monroe! But that was the thing, the dress didn't match my wedding, the venue, or even me. So the consultant took me around the boutique to pick out something I like. She was even very up-front about what dresses were within our budget, and which weren't. The first dress I picked was the lace one. :) As we were walking back to the fitting room Mary stopped us & asked how I like the dress she picked out. I told her it was a gorgeous dress, but it was just too white & didn't match me or the venue. She got really upset and started lecturing me about what bright white really is and got this dress out that was so white it was almost blue & told me THAT is what bright white is. Well, I told her it's not about what "bright white" is considered, it's about what I feel is too white. The poor consultant was so embarrassed she kind of ushered me away.

Working with Christina, the consultant, was so nice and pleasant, but Mary is flat out crazy. I love the dress at Mary's more so than the one at J. Crew now (lol!), but I'm affraid to go ahead with it and purchase anything there because I feel like working with the owner at all will be a complete disaster.

We are going to one more boutique in Pikesville one night this week. If we don't find anything there, I'm going with the lace dress at Mary's.

Wish me luck! ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dress Shopping Take One

My mom, Erin, and I went to the J. Crew in Georgetown this past Sunday to try on bride and bridesmaid dresses. There was one dress in particular I have had my sights on for a long, long while. That would be the Principessa (formally the Genvieve).

Isn't it dreamy?

So here is how the dress looked on me. Please excuse the poor lighting, we were in the fitting room. ;)

Obviously, it is way, way too long and would need to be hemmed. We also had to clip the straps back, which were also too long. Both easy fixes. I love the feel and the weight of the fabric, it is so luxurious and just heavy enough without being too heavy. I also love the simplicity of the dress- it is gorgeous by itself without lace, bead-work, or embroidery. The color, "Snow," isn't too white, but doesn't have the yellow tint ivory tends to have.

Sigh, I think I'm in love...

I also tried on another dress, the Sascha. It's very pretty, but I hated it. The fabric was all wrong, and the top part, to me, looked like something a gladiator would wear.

We will be going to another bridal shop, Mary's Bridal, hopefully this weekend to try on some stuff just to get a feel for other styles.

I'll post more pictures after our trip to Mary's and Erin also has some pictures on her camera from J. Crew that I will also post once she emails them to me. :)

Sunday 7/17 3PM appointment at Mary's Bridal
Saturday 8/13 meeting with Punk's to discuss catering

Friday, July 8, 2011

He Proposed...

So now I'll be Mrs. Jones ;)

Bridget Jones, to be exact. (Yes, like the movie...)

My wonderful boyfriend fiancé, Matt, presented me with this beauty about 2 weeks ago, of course I said yes!

And now I'm planning an outdoor DIY wedding at sunset on Friday, June 1, 2012. Less than a year away. I think I may be a little crazy...

I want to keep this blog to record every step of the wedding, so I can't forget anything!And to stay organized through the planning process.

Ok, details! So far we have decided on:
  • Ceremony Date/Time: Friday, June 1, 2012 at 5:30PM
  • Approx. 50-70 guests
  • Venue for ceremony and reception: Matt's Family's farm where he lives and we will be living shortly
  • Wedding Party: MOH- my sister, Erin. Best Man- Matt's brother, Brian. Flower Girl- Matt's niece, Gracie. Ring Bearer- my son, Riley.
  • Photographer: Natalie Franke Photography
  • Caterer: Punk's Backyard Grill (our most favorite restaurant!)
  • Officiant: We are pretty positive we will be going with Rev. Tracey Moe
My plan is to get the big stuff out of the way first (photographer, caterer, officiant, etc.) before the school/birthday/holiday season starts for both mine and Matt's families. Then we can work out the fine details.

Upcoming stuff:
I need to send the contract and deposit to the photographer.
Sunday 7/10/11 J Crew Georgetown to try on both bride and bridesmaid dresses with my mom and Erin.
Saturday 8/13/11 Meeting with Sheila, one of the owners of Punk's, to discuss catering menu

Dress shopping in DC this weekend- so excited! :D