Monday, January 23, 2012

Dresses, Flowers, Ribbons, Oh My!

Let's start with the dresses:
Went to the seamstress and the dress was 1/2in too small, and the bust needed to be altered a little more. The seamstress will fix those two things, as well as take in the hips, make it more of a "mermaid" at the bottom, and hem it. I go back in two weeks to try it on again.

Also, I ordered my free dress from Simply Bridal last night! I decided to go with the Scoop Neck Satin/Organza Dress with Sash in blush. This dress will be for the bridal shower and maybe the rehearsal dinner. Of course I accidentally waited until the last minute, but alls well that ends well. :)

I started making the little "flower balls" Gracie and Livi will carry. I will do a tutorial and pictures once they are complete. :)

We also made a list of things Matt and I have yet to do. It's a very long, daunting list and we only have a little over four months until the wedding! :o

Friday, January 13, 2012

Birdcage Veil

I made my birdcage veil today!

I went to Michael's and they have basic birdcage veils already on combs, so I picked one up along with a silk flower, and some feathers.

I took the flower off the stem and attached it and some feathers onto a piece of felt. I then attached the arrangement to the comb.

I think it turned out nicely! I can't wait to try it on with the dress. I am waiting for the seamstress to contact me for the next fitting. I am going to try to bring someone with me so I can get some pictures of the whole ensemble. :)

I just love it! So happy. :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Save the Dates are Complete!

Happy New Year!

Amist all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season- spending time with friends, family, and loved ones, awaiting Santa, getting ourselves and our presents ready for Christmas, etc. I was thinking about our Save the Dates.

Well, yesterday morning during some errands, R and I stopped into the Paper Source and picked up a pack (25 count) of their Flat A6 (4 1/2" x 6 1/4") Cards in Luxe Cream.

Once we got home and I had some time to mess with them while R was napping, I started what I like to call my "trial and terror" printing method, by which I only ruined TWO cards! Normally this would have resulted in me freaking out, having to buy at least another pack of cards and possibly more ink. :x

Well, the finished product, if I may say so myself, is just gorgeous. And as a plus, Matt likes them too! ;)

The Wedding Chicks make it super easy to create and print their Printables, but just in case you were wondering how I did it:

1. First I tried to do it all in Internet Explorer, but it wouldn't even "compute" the image. So, I downloaded Google Chrome and things went smoothly from there.

2. I entered all my info and uploaded my picture for the front of the card. I dragged the image onto my desktop then opened it in my picture viewer.

3. I opened the picture printing wizard in Windows and when I came to the page where it asks you what printer to use and your preferences, I clicked preferences. I chose a customized paper size according to the measurements of the A6 card- 4.5" x 6.25" (that size wasn't an option in my list of paper sizes). Then I chose my number of copies.

4. I printed out the front of the postcard. When they would come out of the printer I'd take them out and lay them printed side up so they could flatten out and to let the ink dry all the way (they got a little rolled in the printer).

5. I then went back to The Wedding Chicks and entered in all my info for the back of the postcard. I tried to drag and drop it on to the desktop, but it was trying to save it as the exact same name as the "front." I just renamed the front by adding a "1" to the end. Then I was able to drag and drop the back onto the desktop.

6. I messed up another card when I tried to print the back. I know how my printer feeds, so that wasn't a problem, but I tend to over-think things and when it came time to chose my preferences, I switched the measurements & chose landscape, not remembering that the wizard "rotates & crops to fit." After that mishap, I kept the measurements the same, kept it at portrait, and printed out the number of copies I needed.

I ended up with 22 out of 25 cards. I addressed them, and messed up only one, so that left me with 21 cards! Luckily I only needed 20. The Save the Dates are going out as an informal heads up about the wedding, so I didn't make one to send to every.single.person. For example, hypothetical situation: if Cousin Eddie also lives with his brother, Charlie, they would get a combined Save the Date addressed to both of them. Once we send out the invites, Cousin Eddie and his brother Charlie would get separate invites. Make sense? :) I know this is different for everyone, but since we are inviting only closecloseclose family and friends and our wedding is VERY informal, they all understand!

I'm very happy with how they turned out and so far all feedback has been positive. :)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Won a Dress!

A couple weeks ago, I entered a contest via The Wedding Chicks for a chance to be one of 20 people to win a wedding dress from Simply Bridal. This morning I woke up to an email from Simply Bridal saying I was one of the randomly chosen winners! How exciting!

Simply Bridal is a company that makes high quality wedding gowns to the measurements you send in, so your dress fits you perfectly with no alterations needed. There is no middlemen, so the prices are unbeatable, and the dresses are delivered in 30-35 days!

Although I already have my wedding dress, I will take advantage of my win to order a dress for the bridal shower/rehearsal dinner.

I'm so excited to pick out a dress! :)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sample Bridal Shower Invites

My wonderful future sister-in-law and future mother-in-law have offered to throw me a bridal shower. It is going to be a tea party complete with hats, finger sandwiches, and antique china courtesy of Matt's maternal great-grandmother. I am so honored that Nancy, Matt's mom, has offered to let us use her grandmother's china for my bridal shower!

I can't not help Lori with the shower. I think it's my OCD, or maybe my love of crafting, but I stumbled across this cute DIY Painted Card with a FREE printable! It's the cutest thing ever- its a card with three teacups on the front and you paint them with tea! That's right, tea! Any type of tea, really.

So I made three sample cards: one painted with tea, one with regular water colors, and one colored in with colored pencils.

Aren't they just so cute!? I then just put together a little invitation on the back with the computer and printed it out.

I was playing around with them and on the water color and tea color ones I outlined the teacups with colored pencils. I like how this gives it a straight, clean edge. What I don't like is how I traced over the boarder with colored pencil, it looks horrible. When I make the real ones, I will leave the border alone! ;)

I think with some practice, one of those fancy paper cutters that cut a straight line, and new ink for the printer (we're almost out) we will have some quality home-made invites- the best kind! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Reception Brainstorming

This is going to be one long post!!

Flowers & centerpieces::


Table, chair and seating ideas:














No seating plan!

 Cake [and other] tables:






Food and Drink:

We will have three of these: One for Matt's mom's famous Mint Tea, Lemonade, and water with cucumber.

Pre-made cocktails in mason jars!!

Mason jars for non-alcoholic beverages

 We will do cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, but there will be a small cake for me and Matt to cut.

White wedding cake cupcake recipe!

We are going to have a smore station or two. :)

It would also be nice to offer things other than cupcakes.


Jarred local honey!




Horse Shoes


Other decor:
  Two of these totally awesome Candelabras, just white instead of black!

Mix-Matched Candle Sticks

For the bathroom(s):

A sweet "thank you" to our family and friends

Globe lights made out of doilies- how cool is that!?

"Honeymoon Fund" ;)

Our get-away vehicle will be a pick up truck bed that was made into a trailer being pulled by one of our tractors. I want something like this on the back!

Rustic inspiration:

 Vintage inspiration:



 Color inspiration:


Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. Just looking at everything stresses me out right now!