Monday, July 11, 2011

Dress Shopping Take One

My mom, Erin, and I went to the J. Crew in Georgetown this past Sunday to try on bride and bridesmaid dresses. There was one dress in particular I have had my sights on for a long, long while. That would be the Principessa (formally the Genvieve).

Isn't it dreamy?

So here is how the dress looked on me. Please excuse the poor lighting, we were in the fitting room. ;)

Obviously, it is way, way too long and would need to be hemmed. We also had to clip the straps back, which were also too long. Both easy fixes. I love the feel and the weight of the fabric, it is so luxurious and just heavy enough without being too heavy. I also love the simplicity of the dress- it is gorgeous by itself without lace, bead-work, or embroidery. The color, "Snow," isn't too white, but doesn't have the yellow tint ivory tends to have.

Sigh, I think I'm in love...

I also tried on another dress, the Sascha. It's very pretty, but I hated it. The fabric was all wrong, and the top part, to me, looked like something a gladiator would wear.

We will be going to another bridal shop, Mary's Bridal, hopefully this weekend to try on some stuff just to get a feel for other styles.

I'll post more pictures after our trip to Mary's and Erin also has some pictures on her camera from J. Crew that I will also post once she emails them to me. :)

Sunday 7/17 3PM appointment at Mary's Bridal
Saturday 8/13 meeting with Punk's to discuss catering

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