Monday, January 23, 2012

Dresses, Flowers, Ribbons, Oh My!

Let's start with the dresses:
Went to the seamstress and the dress was 1/2in too small, and the bust needed to be altered a little more. The seamstress will fix those two things, as well as take in the hips, make it more of a "mermaid" at the bottom, and hem it. I go back in two weeks to try it on again.

Also, I ordered my free dress from Simply Bridal last night! I decided to go with the Scoop Neck Satin/Organza Dress with Sash in blush. This dress will be for the bridal shower and maybe the rehearsal dinner. Of course I accidentally waited until the last minute, but alls well that ends well. :)

I started making the little "flower balls" Gracie and Livi will carry. I will do a tutorial and pictures once they are complete. :)

We also made a list of things Matt and I have yet to do. It's a very long, daunting list and we only have a little over four months until the wedding! :o

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